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Your Path to Winning IoT Designs Faster: Empower Customers with LiveBench

Accelerating Innovation in IOT Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is exploding with possibilities. New devices and applications emerge daily, but the electronics design process for these constrained devices can be a bottleneck. Traditional methods for evaluating and integrating Integrated Circuits (ICs) are often time-consuming and resource-intensive, hindering innovation and slowing product launches.


LiveBench offers a cloud-based platform specifically designed to empower both semiconductor companies and IoT device makers.

The New Way to Market Reach the IoT Market

Democratize IC Exploration

Provide instant access to a comprehensive suite of real hardware labs for your ICs. Design engineers worldwide can explore and evaluate your solutions remotely, accelerating innovation cycles.

Simplify Evaluation with a User-Friendly Interface

LiveBench’s intuitive interface allows designers to easily configure tests and analyze performance data specific to their unique IoT applications. This streamlines the evaluation process and fosters faster design decisions.

Real-World Performance Data

LiveBench empowers System Design Engineers to gather real-time performance data through testing on actual hardware. This data provides valuable insights, fostering greater confidence in their design decisions and the selection of your ICs.

Explore IoT Labs

Arducam SPI Mega Camera

Arducam SPI Mega Camera with Autofocus Lens

The Arducam SPI Mega camera (B0401 variant) evaluation lab introduces a high-resolution camera for microcontrollers. This 5-megapixel camera with autofocus...
Launch Lab

RX Family DSP Solution – RX 231

The RX 231 (DSP processor family) performs analog signal input, IIR filter, FFT, and HMI processing with a single microcontroller. ...
Launch Lab
DA16200 UltraLowPowerWiFi Board02 copy

Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Board

The DA16200 is a low-power Wi-Fi networking SoC designed for efficient low-power operations under scenarios of continuous connectivity to a...
Launch Lab

By providing a platform for effortless exploration, accelerated prototyping, enhanced design confidence, expanded market reach, and data-driven innovation, LiveBench empowers both you and your customers to navigate the ever-evolving world of IoT development.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover how LiveBench can unlock the full potential of your ICs in the flourishing IoT market!


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How can LiveBench help me reach more developers in the IoT space?

LiveBench offers a user-friendly platform with an intuitive search engine, making it easier for developers to discover and explore your ICs. Additionally, by eliminating geographical barriers with remote access to real hardware labs, LiveBench expands your potential customer base to developers worldwide.

LiveBench eliminates the need for physical samples and lengthy setup processes. Developers gain instant access to real hardware labs, allowing for rapid prototyping and testing of your ICs through a simplified test configuration interface.

LiveBench prioritizes data security. We offer robust security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your IC data within our platform.

LiveBench provides comprehensive documentation and tutorials for each lab setup and equipment operation. Additionally, a support team is available to answer your questions and assist with troubleshooting.

Absolutely! LiveBench allows you to create comprehensive profiles for your IC families. Developers can easily compare and contrast different IC options within the family to find the perfect fit for their specific application requirements.

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