RX Family DSP Solution

The RX 231 (DSP processor family) performs analog signal input, IIR filter, FFT, and HMI processing with a single microcontroller. 

The LiveBench implementation of the RX231 allows the customers to accurately analyze signal frequency and amplitude under various filtering conditions. 

This test setup will allow customers to do the following: 

  • Calculate FFT from live signal and measure accuracy of signal;
  • Apply filtering and signal conditioning. 

This LiveBench showcases the following: 

  1. Accurately control signal frequency and amplitude by controlling the input signal generator. 
  2. Capture signal information and system parameters over the serial port of the DSP at high speeds. 
  3. Real-time plotting of the received high speed data in time and frequency domain. 
  4. Compare the received signal with the expected amplitude and frequency for accuracy. 
  5. Monitor system information, viz. CPU Usage, DSP Processing cycle, Unit Processing cycle etc. 
  1. Ability to test and compare a wide range of signals for accuracy  
  2. Frequency domain filtering of live electrical signals. 
  3. On-board display of test parameters on an LCD screen. 


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