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Effortless Evaluation, Accelerated Sales: LiveBench Empowers Industrial Automation IC Success

Evaluating Components for Industrial Automation

Addressing the Challenges of Exploration and Evaluation for Industrial Automation IC ​

The complexities of showcasing industrial automation IC capabilities are well-understood and felt across teams. Physical lab setups are time-consuming, travel costs strain budgets, and limited access frustrates engineers. These challenges can hinder the ability to effectively demonstrate the true potential of component offerings for application uses cases for Industrial Automation.
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Expand Reach in Industrial Automation Market

LiveBench offers a solution for both sales leaders and FAE teams, streamlining the IC exploration, evaluation process and accelerating design wins. With LiveBench, unlock the full potential of  industrial automation IC portfolio to drive sales success, and empower your customers to lock efficient designs faster.

Comprehensive Hardware Library

A diverse range of real hardware labs is readily available, catering to the specific requirements of various industrial automation applications. This eliminates the need for customers to source and configure their own equipment, saving valuable time and resources.

Advanced Test & Measurement Capabilities

LiveBench provides access to industry-standard test equipment and measurement tools, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of collected performance data. Engineers can confidently evaluate IC behavior under real-world operating conditions.

Reduced Development and Support Costs

The need for expensive physical lab setups and support costs associated with traditional demos is eliminated. LiveBench offers a cost-effective solution for both semiconductor makers and their end customers.

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RH4Z2501-KIT Evaluation Board

IO-Link For Sensor Data Communication with RH4Z2501-KIT

The RH4Z2501-KIT is an Evaluation Board for the RH4Z2501 Renesas silicon solution that implements an IO-Link device. The board integrates...
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What types of industrial automation ICs can be evaluated on LiveBench?

LiveBench supports a wide range of industrial automation ICs, including motor control ICs, sensor interface ICs, communication ICs, and more.

Yes! LiveBench allows you to configure test scenarios and define performance parameters to tailor the evaluation process to your specific IC functionalities.

LiveBench eliminates the need for expensive physical lab setups and dedicated personnel for demonstrations. Showcase ICs to a global audience with a cost-effective solution.

LiveBench eliminates geographical barriers. Design engineers worldwide can access and evaluate your ICs remotely, significantly expanding your potential customer base.

  • Input and output voltage and current
  • Efficiency
  • Transient response
  • Output ripple
  • Load regulation
  • Power factor (AC/DC)
  • Cell balancing performance (BMS)
  • Power negotiation protocols (USB PD)
  • Torque and speed control (Motor Control Drivers)

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