Real-Time Cloud-Based Hardware Evaluation with LiveBench 

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LiveBench empowers multiple teams in the semiconductor ecosystem to achieve breakthrough business outcomes.

Sales Team

Reach ten times more customers with existing resources! Eliminate geographical limitations and connect with a wider audience instantly. Accelerate sales cycles with interactive demonstrations and validate leads with extensive Data Analytics on User Behavior. 

Showcase your IC capabilities with unprecedented effectiveness. LiveBench allows customers to experience products remotely, driving deeper engagement and faster purchase decisions. Leverage built-in analytics to understand customer behavior and refine marketing strategies.

Design validation is accelerated with richer customer data. LiveBench facilitates functional testing in a cloud environment, providing valuable insights that inform product roadmaps and ensure market fit.

Focus on high-value interactions as customers are empowered with self-service tools for preliminary evaluation. LiveBench’s virtual FAEs handle routine inquiries, freeing up FAEs to address complex technical questions and build stronger customer relationships.

How the ROI Adds Up 

10X Customer Reach & Engagement 

1 Test-setup on the Cloud to cater to 1000s of customer evaluations. Drive meaningful engagement with insights on customer behavior.

Reduced Sales Cycle 

Shorten evaluation times from weeks to days, significantly accelerating sales cycles. 

Reduced EVK Shipping Costs

Customers can configure and test directly on LiveBench, saving on shipping and logistics costs.

ROI Calculator

Revenue Upside

$ 10 k
40 %
5 %

Savings to Customer Support

$ 72

Reduction in Board Shipment Cost

$ 80
$ 0
(in K)
(in K)
(in K)
[shipment_10x] + [saving_10x] + [profit]
(in K)

Estimated ROI




Powering a Sustainable AI Future through Green Computing 

Beyond revolutionizing evaluation, Tenxer Labs is committed to a greener future. The ever-growing demand for AI necessitates a focus on decarbonization and green computing. 

Reducing E-waste

By minimizing the need for physical hardware production, LiveBench helps decrease e-waste generation.

Lowering Energy Consumption

Cloud-based evaluation eliminates the need for physical board transportation and maintenance, reducing overall energy footprint.

Faster Design Cycles

Cloud-based verification allows for quicker iteration and testing of ICs and components, leading to faster time-to-market and reduced energy consumption during the overall development cycle.

Find Labs from Leading Semiconductor Companies on LiveBench!

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NVIDIA TenXer Labs
LiveBench has transformed the way we interact with potential customers. We can now reach a global audience and showcase our products in a real-world setting, dramatically improving our lead generation efforts.

VP of Marketing,

Semiconductor Startup

LiveBench has been a game-changer for our product launches. Customers can now experiment with our latest ICs directly in the cloud, leading to faster adoption and higher satisfaction rates.

Director of Product Management,

Leading Semiconductor Company


We can build a similar solution ourselves. What convinces us to use LiveBench??

While building a similar solution is certainly possible, there are several advantages to using Tenxer Labs’ LiveBench: 

  • Faster Time to Market: Developing and deploying a cloud-based evaluation platform requires significant expertise and resources. Tenxer Labs already has a functional platform, saving you valuable time and development costs. This is a software centric solution with system hardware involved. Chatbot, data analytics, UI, Cloud server management. There needs to be a central organisation with IC / System specialists on board which is not a lucrative option for engineers within the Semiconductor companies. Sustenance of team is difficult. 
  • Focus on Core Business: Chip design is your core competency. LiveBench allows you to offload the complexities of managing and maintaining an evaluation lab, freeing your team to focus on core design activities. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Maintaining a physical lab incurs ongoing costs for equipment, space, and personnel. LiveBench offers a scalable and cost-effective solution. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility: LiveBench can easily accommodate a large number of evaluation boards, whereas physical labs have space limitations. Additionally, Tenxer Labs can handle a wider variety of devices than you might be able to support in-house. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: LiveBench provides valuable data and analytics on customer behavior across industry, which can inform your marketing and sales strategies. 

We understand your concern. Tenxer Labs can enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that your confidential customer information is protected. Additionally, our security measures are designed to safeguard all data on our platform. 

No, your proprietary software will not be accessible through LiveBench. Ideally, LiveBench would utilize APIs to interact with your designs, eliminating the need for us to access your code. If APIs are not feasible, we can work with you to find a secure solution.

Tenxer Labs is responsible for maintaining the evaluation labs where the LiveBench platform is hosted. This includes ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and maintaining a secure environment.

While LiveBench can accommodate a wide range of designs, there may be limitations for certain devices requiring highly specialized equipment. It is best to consult Tenxer Labs team to ensure compatibility with your specific designs. 

LiveBench is ideal for designs targeting a broad market with a high number of potential customers. “Custom-built” designs for one or two clients or those requiring complex protocol analysis may not be the best fit for this platform.

While the traditional approach involves physical hardware, cloud evaluation offers several advantages: 

  • Wider Accessibility: System designers can access evaluations from anywhere with an internet connection, increasing flexibility and efficiency. 
  • Reduced Costs: Cloud evaluation eliminates the need for customers to purchase and maintain evaluation boards. 
  • Faster Evaluation Cycles: Designs can be evaluated quickly and easily without waiting for physical boards to become available. 
  • Data-driven Decisions: Cloud evaluation provides valuable data that can inform design decisions. 

We understand the comfort level with on-site hardware. LiveBench can be a valuable first step in the evaluation process, allowing designers to narrow down their choices before requesting physical boards. 

LiveBench is not a complete replacement for physical EVMs. However, it can significantly reduce the need for them. After using LiveBench for initial evaluation, a customer might only require a single EVM to confirm functionality within their specific system. 

Space limitations are a concern with traditional evaluation labs. LiveBench offers a scalable solution: 

  • Dense Packing: A small space can house hundreds of evaluation modules in a data center-like configuration. 
  • Global Distribution: Devices can be located anywhere with a stable internet connection, eliminating geographical constraints.