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Digital Transformation of Semiconductor Evaluation

About TenXer Labs

Welcome to TenXer Labs, where innovation meets efficiency in semiconductor evaluation. We are a team of engineers and technology enthusiasts dedicated to changing the existing system of evaluation of electronic designs. Our flagship product, LiveBench is a cloud-based platform that leverages 24×7 remote labs for accelerated adoption of your Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Electronic Sub-systems.

Mission Statement

Accelerate the transformation of high-end technology-driven product ideas into reality by digitalizing the evaluation lifecycle.

Core Values

In Pursuit of Innovation

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We constantly push the boundaries, leveraging the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation to bring about a shift in semiconductor evaluation. 

Agile Adaptability

We excel in rapidly evolving environments, staying ahead of industry trends by integrating automation and AI into our offerings. Our agility ensures we embrace change and lead in shaping the future of semiconductor technology.

Passionate Curiosity

We nurture a culture of continuous learning and curiosity, encouraging our team to explore new ideas, technologies, and solutions.

Results-Driven Accountability

We take ownership and accountability for our actions, with a results-driven mindset that ensures we meet and exceed expectations. 


We balance technological advancements with environmental responsibility. Our solutions are designed to foster a sustainable future, contributing to both environmental preservation and business growth.

Guiding Principles

USB Type-C connector of uLab Kiwi FPGA development board stockpack unsplash.
Strategic Partnerships for Exponential Growth

We foster a collaborative environment, bringing together the expertise of designers and providers. By working together, we amplify the impact of semiconductor technology globally. 

We are committed to optimizing semiconductor evaluation processes, enhancing velocity, and reducing costs for our customers. Our solutions are designed with efficiency at the forefront.
USB Type-C connector of uLab Kiwi FPGA development board stockpack unsplash.

Join us at TenXer Labs on this exciting journey where efficiency meets innovation for business success and a sustainable future.

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