About TenXerLabs

TenXerLabs is a startup focused on enabling evaluation of electronic designs and chips through its web platform connecting providers to designers. By providing Livebench access through a browser, it has created a new paradigm to help semiconductor companies increase reach, improve velocity and reduce costs, resulting in significant competitive advantage and increased sales and profitability.

Our Story

TenXerLabs is promoted by practitioners with deep expertise and experience in microcontrollers, systems and network architecture. It is backed by Kanwal Rekhi, a pedigreed investor with many successful investments in his illustrious career as a VC.

Our Leaders

Sridhar Joshi

Co-Founder & CEO

Sridhar Joshi comes with 2 decades of technology and management positions in leading Semiconductor companies like National Semiconductor and Texas instruments. He has played a significant role in the configurable Microcontroller platform for faster integration with the Analog Front End (AFE) IC design. He has led multiple corporate wide initiatives for technology advancements within the organization. Avid Chess enthusiast.

Vijay Anand

Co-Founder & CTO

Vijay Anand has more than 2 decades of experience architecting and building products for the internet infrastructure for companies like Nortel , Broadcom , Netologic and Raza Microelectronics. He was a leading member of the team that delivered the first SDK for MIPS based multicore processors from Raza Microelectronics. Vijay is an avid follower of technology and keen on understanding different cultures of the world


Parthasarathy S

Founder and CEO of successful companies like Aztecsoft and Computer Garage Startup Advisor.

Kanwal Rekhi

Managing Director of Inventus Capital Partners, first Indo-American Founder & CEO to take a venture-backed company public on the NASDAQ.

Our Advisors

Chris Allexandre

A visionary and sales veteran with over 20 years in the semiconductor industry, serves as the Senior Vice President, CSMO and Head of the Global, Sales and Marketing Unit at Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Murali krishna

One of the most influential CFOs in India with extensive knowledge on the opics of accounting , finance and taxation. Founder of successful startups like Ujwal and mentor to many startups

Harsha Lal

Senior leadership roles at Wipro, Sun Microsystems, DELL and CEO at Systemantics.

Samir Patel

Held senior leadership roles at Rambus. Founder/CEO of Sankalp Semiconductor.

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