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Effortless Hardware Evaluation for Next-Generation Edge-AI Applications

Edge-AI: Intelligence at the Frontier

LiveBench empowers semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate the adoption of ICs for Edge-AI solutions. System design engineers gain immediate access to a comprehensive suite of real hardware labs, streamlining the edge AI component selection and evaluation process. Showcase and enable evaluation of components that bests suits designs efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Faster Sales Cycle
10 Weeks
Increase SQLs
10 +

Modern Solution for Efficient IC Exploration and Evaluation

With LiveBench, eliminate logistics and geographical bottlenecks and reduce your sales cycles for solutions for edge AI applications. System design engineers can access real hardware labs instantly, while semiconductor manufacturers can empower their customers with a robust validation platform.

Faster Sales Cycle

Streamlined IC exploration and evaluation with instant access to real labs translates to faster time-to-market for Edge AI devices powered by your ICs.

Validate Target Applications

Real-world performance data from reliable testing allows your teams to validate your target applications.

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time data and insights empower your internal teams to make strategic decisions regarding IC adoption, customer behaviour, and marketing strategies based on market demands in Edge AI.

Simplified Test Configuration

The user-friendly web interface allows for intuitive test setup and control, tailored to evaluate performance for multiple Edge AI applications like computer vision and speech recognition.

Evaluate image and video processing performance.

Vision AI

LiveBench’s Vision AI labs offer a variety of cameras and imaging sensors with integrated processing units (IPUs) or vision accelerators. Test object detection, classification, and tracking algorithms on real-world datasets. Analyze latency, power consumption, and image quality to ensure vision AI solution meets performance and efficiency requirements.

Explore Computer Vision Labs

Arducam SPI Mega Camera

Arducam SPI Mega Camera with Autofocus Lens

The Arducam SPI Mega camera (B0401 variant) evaluation lab introduces a high-resolution camera for microcontrollers. This 5-megapixel camera with autofocus...
Launch Lab
SK-AM62A-LP Evaluation Board

Low-Power Smart Camera Designs with SK-AM62A-LP

The SK-AM62A-LP for Low-Power Smart Camera Designs is an ideal choice for those looking to develop low-power smart camera, dash...
Launch Lab
JP176 with RZ/A2M – Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution

Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution – JP176 with RZ/A2M

Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution - JP176 with RZ/A2M image processing solution supports rapid prototyping for smart cameras with the...
Launch Lab
Object Detection Solution - RZ/V2M SMARC System on Module

Object Detection Solution with RZ/V2M SMARC

Generating digital metadata from visual acquisition, processing, analysis, and understanding requires a high-performance MPU with AI capabilities. The EU092 -...
Launch Lab
Vision AI Platform with and RZ/V2L

Vision AI Platform with and RZ/V2L is an RZ/V-compatible, end-to-end software and services platform designed for deploying and scaling computer vision-based AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of...
Launch Lab
RZ/V2L - RZBoard V2L

RZBoard V2L Single Board Computer

The RZBoard V2L is a compact and efficient development board designed for AI and machine learning applications. It has a...
Launch Lab

Designs for speech recognition algorithms

Speech Processing

Our Speech Processing labs provide access to designs with high-fidelity microphones and digital signal processors (DSPs) designed for speech processing.  Evaluate the performance of components for speech recognition models in real-world use cases

Explore Speech Processing Labs


Voice Recognition Solutions-RA6M1

Voice recognition serves as a human-machine interface (HMI) and has been integrated into numerous products, including robotics and smart speakers....
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Want to see your Edge AI ICs on LiveBench?
Contact our team to discuss your requirements. We are constantly expanding our lab offerings to meet the evolving needs of the electronics design ecosystem.


Dive Deeper

Explore our comprehensive library of materials to gain valuable insights, discover success stories, and learn how our solutions can benefit your specific needs.
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How can LiveBench help us reach system design engineers (SDEs) developing Edge AI applications?

LiveBench provides SDEs with instant access to real hardware labs specifically designed for Edge AI evaluation. This empowers them to quickly validate your hardware performance and streamline their design process, ultimately increasing adoption of your components in their Edge devices.

Our core offerings include Vision AI and Speech Recognition labs, but we also provide a growing selection of labs for sensor data acquisition, low-power processing and connectivity solutions.

By offering instant hardware evaluation, LiveBench empowers your SDE customers, reducing their evaluation time and increasing their confidence in selecting your hardware. This fosters stronger relationships and promotes repeat business.

No, LiveBench offers a web-based interface accessible from any internet connection. SDEs can configure tests, monitor results, and download data directly from their web browser.

  • Input and output voltage and current
  • Efficiency
  • Transient response
  • Output ripple
  • Load regulation
  • Power factor (AC/DC)
  • Cell balancing performance (BMS)
  • Power negotiation protocols (USB PD)
  • Torque and speed control (Motor Control Drivers)

LiveBench offers co-branded marketing materials and training programs for your sales teams to effectively promote the platform to your SDE customer base. Additionally, we can provide case studies showcasing successful implementations of LiveBench for Edge hardware validation.

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