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Speech Processing

Voice Recognition Solutions-RA6M1


Voice recognition serves as a human-machine interface (HMI) and has been integrated into numerous products, including robotics and smart speakers. This solution was developed to introduce more convenient functions while minimizing costs for consumer and industrial equipment. Voice recognition is becoming a crucial feature, especially as it aids visually impaired and elderly individuals by allowing the use of spoken commands to perform tasks. Renesas’ voice recognition solutions operate without the need for an internet connection (edge voice recognition solution), offering differentiation and advanced functionality in modern products.


The voice recognition solution is implemented using an A/D converter or I2S (Inter-IC Sound) and middleware, achieving a high recognition rate even in noisy environments through noise suppressor technology.


  • Users can upload a customized list of commands or use the pre-programmed command file.
  • Users can verify functionality through audio playback from the voice recognition system.
  • Among the many languages supported by the voice recognition system, seven languages are available for this design.


  • Real-time voice recognition
  • Real-time application control
  • Real-time analysis with Edge AI software

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