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Simplify Microprocessor & Microcontroller Evaluation with LiveBench.

Empowering Faster Exploration for Processors

Simplify Exploration and Adoption

The microprocessor and microcontroller (MCU) market thrives on innovation, with Semiconductor companies constantly pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency. However, translating these advancements into customer adoption can be a hurdle. Traditional methods for IC exploration, often involving complex hardware setups and limited accessibility, create a steep learning curve for potential customers. 


LiveBench addresses these intrinsic challenges by offering a cloud-based environment that empowers customers and streamlines the exploration process, ultimately accelerating adoption of  cutting-edge processors.

Reduced Learning Curve

LiveBench’s intuitive cloud environment eliminates the need for complex hardware setups. Customers can access and explore your MCUs directly, simplifying the learning process and accelerating evaluation.

Global Customer Engagement

Break down geographical barriers and reach a wider audience. Customers worldwide can access your MCUs for seamless evaluation, fostering broader market adoption and increased sales opportunities.

Enhanced Design Flexibility

LiveBench transcends physical limitations. Customers can experiment within the remote environment, pushing the boundaries of your MCU’s capabilities and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its potential within their designs.

Deeper Customer Understanding

LiveBench fosters a interactive exploration experience. Customers can instantly dive into the intricacies of your MCUs, leading to a deeper understanding of it’s functionalities.

Precise Efficiency Evaluation for Point-of-Load (POL) Applications

DC/DC Converters

Dive deep into the world of DC/DC converters with our extensive lab selection. Evaluate transient response, load regulation, and efficiency across a vast array of topologies and leading manufacturers.

Explore Microprocessor Labs

Automated Meter Reader Retrofit Module

Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module

The Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module setup is a dynamic flow simulation kit comprising a DC motor, motor control...
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Reliable AC Conversion

AC/DC Converters

Our AC/DC converter labs equip users to thoroughly assess rectification, power factor correction (PFC), and overall system efficiency. System Design Engineers can analyze performance across various line voltage conditions and explore different converter architectures. 

Explore Microcontroller Labs

Automated Meter Reader Retrofit Module

Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module

The Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module setup is a dynamic flow simulation kit comprising a DC motor, motor control...
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Explore our comprehensive library of materials to gain valuable insights, discover success stories, and learn how our solutions can benefit your specific needs.
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Does LiveBench support different development environments for MCUs/MPUs?

LiveBench has Integrated Development Environments (IDE), the platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows engineers to upload their code and interact with the hardware remotely.

Yes! Create comprehensive profiles for your MCU/MPU families. Design engineers can easily compare options for their specific application requirements.

LiveBench supports a wide range of MCUs and MPUs, catering to diverse application needs. This includes:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit architectures
  • Low-power, general-purpose, and high-performance MCUs/MPUs
  • Popular MCU/MPU families from leading semiconductor companies

LiveBench provides comprehensive documentation and tutorials on the platform functionalities. 

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