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Empowering Next-Gen Automotive Design: LiveBench for Seamless IC Evaluation

Bridging the Gap Between Semiconductors and System Design

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, fueled by advancements in autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification. At the heart of these innovations lies a complex dance between cutting-edge semiconductors (ICs) and the software that brings them to life. Traditionally, the industry relies on expensive and cumbersome emulators to evaluate ICs and accelerate product development. Semiconductor companies struggle to showcase the true potential of their ICs, while Software Teams at OEM face an uphill battle in accurately evaluating them. 
LiveBench disrupts the status quo by offering a cloud-based co-development environment that transforms the way OEMs interact with your ICs. 

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Setting the Standard for Automotive Design With LiveBench​

Streamline the true potential of your ICs

LiveBench eliminates the need for expensive emulators and provides a seamless, real-time development experience.  The co-development environment fosters a user-friendly experience that can make your IC and its development environment the default standard for a target application.

Effortless Evaluation

OEMs can directly evaluate your ICs on actual hardware within the secure LiveBench cloud platform, eliminating the limitations of emulators.

Streamlined Workflow

Seamless integration with existing tools and real-time hardware access streamline the development workflow, making your IC the natural choice for the project.

Reduced Costs

LiveBench’s subscription-based model provides a cost-effective solution for both parties compared to traditional tools.

Fosters Collaboration

LiveBench fosters collaboration, allowing System Design Engineers to fully understand your IC’s capabilities and build trust in your technology.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage data to understand customer’s pain points and tailor your co-development approach to address their specific needs and facilitate a more productive collaboration.

Faster Adoption

LiveBench’s intuitive interface lowers the barrier to entry for OEMs, encouraging them to utilize your ICs throughout the development process.

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Ready to change the way you connect with OEMs for automotive systems?

Contact us today and discover how LiveBench can empower your automotive design solutions.


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How does LiveBench compare to traditional emulation tools in terms of performance?

LiveBench offers real-time hardware evaluation, significantly outperforming the slower and often limited capabilities of traditional emulators.

LiveBench’s user-friendly interface and efficient development environment encourage OEMs to adopt your ICs, potentially setting them as the default standard for specific applications.

You might like to see some of our success stories that showcases how Semiconductor companies leveraged LiveBench. 

We can set up a demo and discuss how we can specifically address your needs.

LiveBench provides comprehensive documentation and tutorials for each lab setup and equipment operation. Additionally, a support team is available to answer your questions and assist with troubleshooting.

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