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TFT Instrument Cluster with Telematics


The TFT INSTRUMENT CLUSTER WITH TELEMATICS reference design fulfills all customer requirements for an instrument cluster integrated with telematics. It includes connectivity, tell-tale indicators, Wi-Fi mirroring of a mobile screen, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) connection, and brightness control of a TFT and camera image display.

The LiveBench implementation of the Low-cost TFT instrument with telematics allows customers to evaluate the TFT instrument capability to visualize the display with following setup:

  • TFT Display with various telematics features.
  • CAN to USB converter to send CAN message to TFT display from SBC (single board computer).


  1. The sensor values are sent over a CAN message.
  2. Sensor values can be controlled by users.
  3. The clear, visually distinct display features, emphasizes on image clarity and color variation.


  • High-end automotive microcontrollers that support basic or low-level 2D drawings are included on this board for the instrument cluster.
  • The design includes RAA279972, an analog video decoder with high definition that is intended for use in automotive application and RAA279971, a high-definition analog video encoder designed for automotive applications.
  • This board also includes Light-to-Digital Output Sensor with Gain Selection, Interrupt Function, and I²C Interface.
  • ISL12022, Low Power RTC with Battery-Backed SRAM, and Auto Day Light Saving with Embedded Temperature Compensation ±5 ppm are included.
  • 40V, 2.5A Buck Controller with Integrated High-Side MOSFET.
  • Included in the ISL78310 is a low dropout voltage, high-current, single-output LDO specified for 1A output current. This part operates from input voltages down to 2.2V and up to 6V.

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