E-Mobility Solutions – Motor Drive and Battery Management System

The US069 48V E-Mobility Solution is a proof-of-concept (POC) that includes all electrical components of a higher voltage (36V-48V) power train system. The motherboard contains the MCU (RX23T), which is employed as the system’s main controller. The RX23T is in-charge of setting up and monitoring the Battery Front End (ISL94216). This setup allows charging the batteries using the ISL81801 (Buck-boost controller) and controlling the inverter board which drives the 48V BLDC motor. 

This LiveBench showcases the following: 

  1. Enable charging of the batteries using various input power settings 
  2. Discharge of the batteries either via electronic load or by driving the BLDC motor 
  3. Monitor the battery current and voltage during the charging and discharging cycle. 
  4. Switch ON/OFF the motor in real time 
  5. Run the motor at various RPMs and measure the Back EMF and motor current. 
  6. Observe the trapezoidal Back EMF waveforms at higher RPMs of the BLDC motor. 
  7. Measure the battery electrical parameters during the discharge cycle under various speeds of the BLDC motor 
  1. Evalution board connected through a real battery setup. 
  2. Real-time monitoring of the battery parameters using a BMS system, includes support for undervoltage and overvoltage protection. 
  3. Setup connected to a physical 48V BLDC motor typically used in electrical vehicles. 
  4. Live oscilloscope output used for measuring Back EMF, motor current and battery electrical parameters. 


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