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Battery Management

High Voltage Battery Management System


The US134 – High Voltage Battery Management System board, demonstrates a proof of concept (POC) solution for a 20-28 cell battery management system (BMS). The board supports a wide input range of 40V-120V and output of 40V-118V. 


This LiveBench showcases the following: 

  1. Enable charging of the batteries using various input current settings 
  2. Discharge of the batteries either via electronic load  
  3. Monitor the battery current, voltage and temperature during the charging and discharging cycle. 
  4. Live monitoring of battery State-of-Charge (SoC)  


  1. Evalution board connected through a real battery setup. 
  2. Real-time monitoring of the battery parameters using a BMS system, includes support for undervoltage and overvoltage protection. 
  3. User input and diagnostics and available via a CLI terminal 
  4. Thermal mapping of the BMS board 

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