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A Leader in MEMS Timing Solutions Cuts Weeks from IC Validation for Customers

Faster Sales Cycles

6-8 Weeks Reduction

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Our customer, fabless chipmaker based in Santa Clara, California that develops micro-electromechanical systems, used for timing and clock devices, struggled with lengthy configuration processes hindering sales and customer satisfaction. Traditional methods involved weeks of iteration and FAE support, leading to 6-month sales cycles. TenXer LiveBench, a cloud-based platform, empowered their end customers (System Designers) to configure ICs independently. This streamlined the process to 6 steps, reducing reliance on FAE and boosting sales cycles and increasing ROI by 8x. LiveBench benefits both parties: The chipmaker enjoys reduced costs and increased efficiency, while their end customers experience faster validation and greater control. 

Opportunity | Time-Consuming Configuration for Timing & Clock Solutions Slowed Down Sales

A leading innovator in timing and clock domain solutions, faced a challenge familiar to many semiconductor companies: a time-consuming configuration process for their ICs Setup.

Optimizing Sales

The traditional approach, which involved extensive back-and-forth communication with FAE teams, led to:

  • Extended Sales Cycles: The average sales cycle for timing-critical ICs stretched to over 6 months, hindering the chipmaker’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities.
  • Increased Support Costs: Each iteration with FAE support added significant costs to project overheads.
  • Mounting Customer Frustration: Delays and uncertainties caused by the lengthy process led to lost sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

The chipmaker’s typical customer journey for evaluating timing and clock products involved a complex 10-stage process with weeks of iteration. This inefficient system hampered innovation and limited growth potential.

Solution | Streamlining Configuration with LiveBench

The fabless chipmaker partnered with TenXer Labs to implement LiveBench, a cloud-based platform that streamlines the configuration process for timing and clock ICs. LiveBench empowered their end customers (System Designers) to independently configure and validate ICs directly on the platform. This eliminated the need for constant FAE interaction, resulting in:

  • A 6-Step Digitalized Validation Process: LiveBench replaced the traditional 10-stage journey with a streamlined 6-step process, eliminating weeks of unnecessary iteration.
  • Reduced Reliance on FAE Support: Customers could experiment with different configurations directly on LiveBench, minimizing dependence on FAE teams and accelerating the selection process.

Outcome | A Win-Win for the Chipmaker and Its Customers

The implementation of TenXer’s LiveBench has delivered ROI of 8X!

For The Chipmaker:

  • Faster Sales Cycles : Streamlined configuration with LiveBench has reduced their sales cycle by 6-8 weeks, enabling them to close deals faster and capture more market share.
  • Increased Efficiency & Focus for FAE Teams: By freeing up FAE time from routine configuration tasks, LiveBench allowed the chipmaker’s FAE teams to focus on more strategic initiatives and savings in support costs.
  • Reduced EVK Shipping Costs: LiveBench eliminated the need for physical EVK (Evaluation Kit) shipments for product exploration, leading to significant cost savings in logistics and shipping.


For SDEs:

  • Empowered System Designers: LiveBench’s user-friendly interface allowed customers to independently configure and validate ICs, fostering a sense of ownership and control over the selection process.
  • Increased Productivity: The streamlined 6-step process saved customers valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on design innovation.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Faster configuration and early verification with LiveBench lead to a more positive customer experience, fostering stronger relationships and repeat business.


A Future of Accelerated Innovation

This success story with TenXer LiveBench showcases the transformative power of streamlined configuration for timing and clock ICs. By empowering both the chipmaker and its end customers, LiveBench has demonstrably:

  • Reduced sales cycles by 6-8 weeks
  • Increased FAE team efficiency and strategic focus
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through faster validation and control
  • Delivered significant cost savings in both support and logistics with 8X overall ROI.


LiveBench is not just a exploration and evaluation platform; it’s a catalyst for innovation. As the chipmaker can attest, a more efficient process allows for faster product development, quicker market entry, and ultimately, a competitive edge.

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