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Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module


The Automated Meter Reader (AMR) Retrofit Module setup is a dynamic flow simulation kit comprising a DC motor, motor control unit, analog signal, connector and sensor connector kit. The flow is simulated as the motor rotates the shaft in forward and reverse direction. The sensor coils on board detect the circular motion of a metal disc connected to the shaft. The sensibility of rotational metal detection can be configured by changing the phase between reference excitation signal and sensor excitation signals. This sensibility is controlled by adding delay in excitation signals (in nano-second). Positive values will delay the reference excitation and negative values will delay the sensor’s excitation.


  1. Enable/Disable the flow.
  2. Control the direction of flow (forward/reverse).
  3. Set the phase difference between reference signal and sensor signals.
  4. Observe the signal waveform and number of rotations, along with live video in the corresponding panes.


  1. Comprises the Renesas EU001 AMR simulation kit.
  2. Single board computer to log all the data and stream to UI.
  3. Camera to capture Live feed.
  4. Digital storage oscilloscope to capture phase difference between signal and sensor signals.

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