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Computer Vision

Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution – JP176 with RZ/A2M


Mbed™ Based Image Processing Solution – JP176 with RZ/A2M image processing solution supports rapid prototyping for smart cameras with the Arm® Mbed™ platform and MicroPython. The GR-MANGO board, based on the RZ/A2M MPU with an Arm® Cortex®-A9 CPU, is designed for embedded AI image processing. It’s features include:

  • Smart display, network capabilities, storage, audio jack, and sensor interfaces
  • DA16200 Wi-Fi module for IoT connectivity
  • Supports HDMI, LCD, and audio I/O
  • Interfaces for humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors


  1. Comparison of performances between DRP and CPU by running an image processing task on the data received over input source (webcam, demo file or custom file)  
  2. Capture performance data over serial port and display on the serial console.
  3. Develop and debug code on micropython based code editor.


  • Compare the performance between DRP and CPU.
  • Extract the performance specifications via serial communication to display data on a console
  • Micropython based code editor for code development and debugging

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