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Computer Vision

RZBoard V2L Single Board Computer


The RZBoard V2L is a compact and efficient development board designed for AI and machine learning applications. It has a form factor similar to a Raspberry Pi and supports various hardware accessories. Users can connect HDMI or MIPI displays, cameras, and HAT/shield add-on boards. This makes it a great platform for developing and testing software using the Renesas RZ/V2L multicore processor.


  • Run machine learning algorithms on different sources, e.g. camera feed, demo video and custom user files. 
  • Evaluation of various machine learning models(YOLOV3, HRNet etc.)
  • Evaluation of various subclasses of machine learning algorithms(Object detection, pose estimation etc.)
  • Display model statistics and power usage data during inference.


  • Low power Edge-AI under 5 watts.
  • 17 points pose detection with HRNet and Tiny Yolo V2
  • Object Classification with ResNet50
  • Object classification with bounding boxes using Tiny Yolo V2

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