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Computer Vision

Vision-AI for Factory Automation Solution with RZ/V2L


Vision-AI for Factory Automation Solution with RZ/V2L – RZBoard is a power-efficient, vision-AI accelerated development board in a popular single-board computer format with well-supported expansion interfaces. This Renesas RZ/V2L processor-based platform is ideal for developing cost-efficient Vision-AI and a range of energy-efficient Edge AI applications. It features:

  • Two 1.2GHz Arm® Cortex®-A55 cores, a 200MHz Cortex-M33 core, a MALI 3D GPU, and an Image Scaling Unit.
  • Raspberry Pi form factor
  • On-chip DRP-AI accelerator plus H.264 video (1920 x 1080) encode/decode
  • Ideal for implementing cost-effective embedded-vision applications.

The Lab setup emulates an industrial manufacturing unit where Renesas Vision-AI is used to autonomously identify faulty items (anomalies) & ensure the quality of the production line.


  • RZ/V2L with camera feed for real-time anomaly detection
  • Lego conveyor with IR sensor to detect objects & pause the motion
  • Voltage & current sensor for real-time monitoring of power consumption
  • Image detection in both automatic & manual operations mode
  • In manual mode, the user can control the speed & direction of object movement


  • Realtime AI inference with 20 FPS output
  • Featuring TinyYoloV2 algorithms for anomaly detection
  • Fan-less compact design 
  • Power consumption is less than 5 Watts
  • Manually configurable anomaly detection threshold

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