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IO-Link For Sensor Data Communication with RH4Z2501-KIT


The RH4Z2501-KIT is an Evaluation Board for the RH4Z2501 Renesas silicon solution that implements an IO-Link device. The board integrates an Advanced ARM based Sensor Signal Conditioner ZSSC328x running the sensing application in parallel as the IO-Link device stack.

This device is used for a detailed evaluation and configuration of the IO-Link operation using CCE4510-EVALKIT as an IO-Link Master and another IO-Link device CCE4503-EVALKIT.

The CCE4510 is an IC that acts as an IO-Link Master Phy, supporting 2 compliant channels with automation features, enabling efficient communication and reducing microcontroller load. It operates within a wide voltage range (8V to 32V) and provides overvoltage, high current, and temperature protection.

The CCE4503-EVAL-V3 enables the evaluation of the CCE4503 IO-Link Device Transceiver. The CCE4503 transceiver is designed for easy use in IO-Link devices, combining compliant communication, protection features,  and various diagnostic functions.


The LiveBench implementation of IO-Link allows customers to evaluate the sensor data communication capability in industrial environment with the following setup:

  • RH4Z2501-KIT is used as an IO-Link device that sends sensor data.
  • Another IO-Link device used is CCE4503-EVAL-V1 board which also sends temperature and humidity sensor data.
  • CCE4510-EVAL-V3 is used as an IO-Link Master that receives data from device boards and sends it to PC to visualize the sensor data using an application software called TMG IO-Link device Tool.
  • Automated Application software running on Windows PC.


This LiveBench showcases the following:

  • Utilized application software automation to incorporate user-input values into the TMG IO-Link Device Tool software, ensuring seamless updates and monitoring of IO-Link devices along with their sensor data and graphical representations.
  • Environmental control which modifies sensor data before inputting it to the sensor for CCE4503-EVAL-V1 IO-Link device.
  • Motorized potentiometer control to modify the sensor data for RH4Z2501-KIT.


  1. RH4Z2501-KIT:
    • IO-Link Transceiver with integrated protection.
    • ZSSC328x – Advanced Dual Channel ARM based Resistive Sensor Signal Conditioner IC.
  2. CCE4510-EVAL-V3:
    • RX231: Renesas 32-bit RXv2 MCU with On-Board 3.3 V LDO, 16 kB EEPROM.
    • Programmable via USB or Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
    • Status LED indicator, External NMOS gate drivers, and 24 V supply voltage
  3. CCE4503-EVAL-V1:
    • IO-Link Compliant Transceiver with Single IO-Link channel with up to 250mA permanent driving current.
    • Configurable PNP-, NPN- and Push-Pull, Configurable current limit, and Wake-up detection
    • 3 LDO Options up to 20 mA, Reverse-polarity protection, Overcurrent and Undervoltage detection, Over temperature detection

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