Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Board

The DA16200 is a low-power Wi-Fi networking SoC designed for efficient low-power operations under scenarios of continuous connectivity to a Wi-Fi network. 

DA16200 enables extremely low power operation in SoC by shutting down the elements of the chip which are not in use there by extends the battery life up to a year or more depending on the application. 

The LiveBench implementation of the DA16200 Wi-Fi module allows customers to accurately measure system power consumption in various scenarios. 

  1. Standard scenarios such as active and low power modes.
  2. Custom scenarios which can be created using the command line tool integrated into the solution. 

This LiveBench showcases the following:

  1. Initialize the board in Station Mode or set the board in DPM (Dynamic Power Management) mode.
  2. Automatically configure the Wi-Fi module using the inbuilt command line interface.
  3. Commands passed to the module are displayed in real-time.
  4. Measure the current consumption at different phases of the automated testing modes.
  5. Configuration of parameters such as keep alive and wake up times of the DPM mode using an intuitive GUI interface.
  6. Validation of the module behavior under low power mode via a ping test.
  7. Ability to enter the manual CLI mode and directly control the operation of the module
  1. Measure average and peak current consumption using the power profiler plot.
  2. Command line based interface.
  3. Automated testing modes


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