High Voltage Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller

The ISL81801EVAL1Z evaluation board includes the ISL81801, an 80V bidirectional synchronous buck-boost controller with a constant voltage/current output. A customizable switching frequency ranging from 100kHz to 600kHz aids in optimizing inductor size, while the robust gate driver allows for high power buck-boost output. This board is intended for high-current applications up to 120W. 

  1. Conduct live testing of the ISL81801 synchronous buck-boost controller IC.
  2. Enable performance tests of the synchronous buck-boost using various input voltage, input current, output current setting.
  3. Perform key performance tests, including:
    • Efficiency performance tests.
    • Regulation performance tests.
    • Overcurrent protection (OCP) tests.
    • Bidirectional functionality tests.
  4. Observe and analyze waveforms at various test points, such as:
    • Phase voltage 1.
    • Phase voltage 2.
    • Input voltage.
    • Input current.
    • Output voltage.
    • Output current.
  1. Evalution board connected through a real power supply and load system setup.
  2. Thermal mapping of the High Voltage Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller
  3. Testing every boundary condition of High Voltage Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller


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