Ultra-thin High Efficiency 72W DC-DC Converter Module – MYC0409-NA-EVM


This EVM features the Ultra-thin High Efficiency 72W DC-DC Converter Module – MYC0409-NA standalone charge pump module configured for operation with 20–60V input voltage range. The output voltage is fixed by divide-by-4 conversion ratio from input voltage. A synchroniser with an external clock can be set with a jumper. The full output current rating of the device can be supplied by the EVM. Input and output capacitors are mounted on the board to accommodate the entire range of input and output voltages. Monitoring test points are provided to allow measurement of voltage, efficiency, power dissipation and load regulation.  Control jumpers and component footprints are provided for use of the ENABLE, PGOOD, and CLK features of the module. The EVM uses a recommended PCB layout that minimizes output ripple and noise.


  1. Conduct live testing of the MYC0409-NA-EVM DC-DC converter on real hardware.
  2. Perform the following key test evaluations:
    1. Operation Mode – Switching waveforms
    2. Regulation tests – Line Regulation and Load Regulation
    3. Performance tests – Startup transient, Load transient and Efficiency
    4. Boundary conditions tests – Input voltage boundary conditions
  3. Observe and analyze waveforms at various test points, such as: 
    1. Input voltage
    2. Input current 
    3. Output voltage
    4. Output current
  4. Computed values of regulation and efficiency based on the real-time data are made available to the user.


  1. Evaluating the board connected through a real power supply and load system setup. 
  2. Exercise all the feature tests with different input and output parameters in real-time.
  3. Testing the boundary condition of DC DC converter.


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