DC-DC Synchronous Boost Converter – TPS61288


Texas Instruments TPS61288EVM-064 Synchronous Boost Converter is a high-power density, fully-integrated synchronous boost converter. The Texas Instruments TPS61288EVM-064 employs peak current control topology with SOO modulation to regulate the output voltage. The device operates in the pulse width modulation (PWM) mode in moderate to heavy load conditions. It automatically runs in the pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode in light load and low duty cycle conditions. SOO modulation realizes accurate regulation over a wide load/VIN range while maintaining high efficiency and low output ripple. The switching frequency in the PWM mode is 500kHz.


  1. Conduct live testing of the TPS61288EVM-064 Synchronous Boost Converter on real hardware
  2. Perform the following key test evaluations:
    • Operation Mode – Switching waveforms
    • Regulation tests – Line Regulation and Load Regulation
    • Performance tests – Startup transient, Load transient and Efficiency
    • Boundary conditions tests – Input voltage boundary conditions
  3. Observe and analyze waveforms at various test points, such as: 
    • Input voltage
    • Input current 
    • Output voltage
    • Output current
  4. Computed values of regulation and efficiency based on the real-time data are made available to the user.


  • Evaluating the board connected through a real power supply and load system setup. 
  • Exercise all the feature tests with different input and output parameters in real-time.
  • Testing the boundary condition of synchronous boost converter


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