BLDC Motor Control Evaluation Board – EVAL 6EDL7141 FOC 3SH


Motor tuning and testing under loaded conditions are crucial stages in the product development of a motor controller. In this lab, we can access the MOTIX Motor Control GUI from Infineon to tune the motor on a BLDC Motor Control Evaluation Board – EVAL 6EDL7141 FOC 3SH. Users can also test the motor under various loaded conditions. The motor under test is connected to another motor acting as a generator. This generator is electrically loaded through a series of resistor banks, which, in turn, load the actual motor being tested.

Additionally, users can observe graphs such as speed in RPM versus time, supply voltage and current versus time, and phase voltages. These waveforms provide insights into understanding the motor’s back EMF, speed loop behavior, and other critical performance characteristics.


  1. Access to MOTIX software which is the motor control GUI from Infineon.
  2. Observe Phase Voltages, Speed in RPM, Supply Voltage and Current.
  3. Observe DC bus voltage and current.
  4. Control the load on the motor being tested.


  1. Real time motor data to understand the behavior of the back emf.
  2. Uses two 250 W BLDC motors.
  3. Comprises the Evaluation board – 6EDL7141-FOC-3SH which is connected to the motor under test.
  4. Eval Board is powered through an SMPS which can source up to 160 W.
  5. Has a dedicated hall sensor to analyze the speed of the motor.
  6. Dynamic loading of the motor under test.


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