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Computer Vision

Object Detection Solution with RZ/V2M SMARC


Generating digital metadata from visual acquisition, processing, analysis, and understanding requires a high-performance MPU with AI capabilities. The EU092 – RZ/V2M SMARC, System on Module (SoM) solution from Renesas helps designers manage these crucial decision processes. It features a high-performance dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A53 MPU and dedicated high-speed hardware AI inference (DRP-AI). Unlike a single-board computer, an SoM is designed for a specific function, reducing baseboard costs and simplifying the enhancement of embedded computer applications. The board features are:

  • Low power Edge-AI (1 TOP/Watt) and low heat dissipation.
  • Object detection with bounding box.
  • As no heatsink or cooling fan is required, the equipment can be miniaturized and BOM cost can be reduced.


  • Enabling the user to run object detection algorithms on different sources, e.g. camera feed, demo video and custom user video files. 
  • Display model statistics (Object class, inference time, object detection probability, bounding box coordinates) data during inference using serial console.
  • Usage of Serial Protocol for interaction with the SMARC SOM.


  • Run object detection algorithms on different types of input.
  • Extracting model and inference parameters
  • Serial communication to display data on a console

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