Motor Control Solution – RX13T


The EVAL (Y-MotorControl_RX13T) kit is a comprehensive design and evaluation system featuring the RX13T device from the 32-bit RX microcontroller family. It enables engineers to test and assess the performance of 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, such as DC Brushless Motors, in a laboratory setting. Utilizing the IPS2200 sensor for precise position feedback, this kit supports input voltages between 12V and 36V DC with a maximum of 5A. The included Nanotech BLDC motor operates with a 24V 2A DC power supply. The RX13T MCU, optimized for vector control or field-oriented control (FOC), features a 32MHz floating-point unit (FPU) and integrated peripherals, offering a compact and cost-effective motor control solution without needing HALL effect sensors.


  1. Adjustable motor speed settings via UI slider.
  2. Continuous plotting of motor current, IPS2200 sensor data, and RPM in the UI.
  3. Motor operation in either sensorless mode or with the IPS2200 sensor.
  4. Demonstration of direct and quadrature motor currents.


  1. Evaluate the board connected to a real power supply and motor system setup.
  2. Control motor speed and choose the direction (clockwise and counterclockwise) in real-time.
  3. Shows a live video feed of the rotating motor.
  4. Displays motor parameters and IPS2200 sensor status in real-time.


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