Hybrid-flyback AC-DC Converter Design with XDPS2201


The 170 W XDPS2201 hybrid-flyback controller is a reference design which uses Infineon’s

XDP™ digital power XDPS2201 hybrid-flyback controller and a CoolSET™ daughter board with Infineons’s ICE5AR4770AG quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller. The converter is very high efficiency of 95 percent and can operate in cc cv mode, make it suitable for battery charging application. Hybrid topology has the advantage of an extremely small transformer size compared to normal flyback.


  1. Conduct live testing of the XDPS2201 hybrid-flyback controller with real hardware under varying AC input voltages.
  2. Evaluate the Efficiency, Line regulation, Load regulation with variable AC power supply and Electronics Load with user selection of voltage and current.
  3. Switching waveform with an oscilloscope with different power output in real time.


  1. 190V -264V AC input range variation with transformer tapping option.
  2. 18V -42 V DC is the output voltage range and electronics load is connected to check the load variation.
  3. Maximum current is 4.22 amps and current range checking with electronics load.
  4. CC-CV operation simulated help of electronics load. 
  5. Efficiency at full output power (Vin =230v AC, Output Voltage =40 V ,Ioutmax = 4.22 amps is more than 95 %. It is measured with sensor and electronics load and plotted in UI.
  6. Zero voltage switching without additional components for high efficiency, low system cost, ultrahigh power design density.


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