Energy-Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop using iW248 Single Chip ASSP – AS048


The 2100 W single plate induction cooktop design, using iW248 single chip ASSP offers high efficiency and high reliability performance.

The design gives the flexibility to adjust the power in +/-10 W steps, which allows the users to cook at a simmering condition. The RL78/G15 based HMI card offers low pin count, multiple matrix switch, LED Indication, and 7-Segment display. Over-temperature detection using three NTCs are provided in the ASSP.


  1. Showcase the power consumption of the induction cooktop for different pan sizes and area of contact (placed on cooktop vs. displaced from the cooktop)
  2. Showcase the manual and simmering cooking modes 
  3. Profile the temperature variation, power, voltage, and current waveforms for different modes of operation.


  • Evaluation of the board connected through a real power supply and load system setup.
  • Ability to select between 3 pans of different sizes and move the cooktop beneath the respective pan.
  • Change the position of the pan to – “On cooktop”, “Above cooktop” and “Remove”.
  • Vary the pan offset to “Center” or “Left”
  • Ability to power ON / OFF the cooktop
  • Select the cooking mode as “manual” or “simmering”
  • Increase / Decrease temperature of the cooking by varying the wattage.
  • Showcase the under voltage and over voltage protection features of the device.
  • Measure the parameters viz. Gate – Emitter and Collector – Emitter voltages and Induction coil current values using an oscilloscope and plotting graphs in real time.
  • Automatic water refilling system which ensure there is sufficient water before the test is started


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