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Lab on Cloud LiveBench

Access any IC evaluation board circuit, connect any electronics and sub-system, evaluate any evaluation board.

Livebench provides continuous support to customers throughout the entire process of selecting and adopting an IC, from reviewing the data sheet to evaluating the product and making a final decision.

Livebench accelerates the process of IC adoption without having to wait for days to receive samples.This can greatly improve the chances of lead conversion, assuming that the IC components meet the required specifications.

The TenXerLabs community gives users the confidence to adopt the IC and also reduces the pain of integration by providing assistance.Our goal is to offer close guidance and assistance every step of the way.

The world’s most sought after semiconductor companies fix IC issues with TenXerLabs IC evaluation lab.


Reference designs

TenXerLabs already has deployed more than 60 designs on the cloud.


Spread across 35 countries

Accessed by more than 100,000 System Designers spread across 35 different countries in a year.


50,000 Evaluations

Customers have performed 50,000 evaluations on Livebench.

10x reach, impact and value.

Reshaping ever-faster delivery.

Introducing the next-generation IC exploration and evaluation model through TenXerLabs. We help businesses increase their reach by 10x and reduce costs by 50% compared to the current model of shipping evaluation boards.

Bending the cost curve.

Semiconductor companies have to ship an IC evaluation kit every time a customer wants to evaluate their products, which then becomes useless once the evaluation is complete.Working with TenXerLabs helps semiconductor companies eliminate avoidable costs in their operations.

Actionable Analytics.

Reduction of Evaluation boards significantly helps Semiconductor companies achieve their carbon footprint goals for a sustainable model.

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