100W USB Type-C Input Power Converter


This lab with a 100W USB Power Delivery (PD) adaptor solution converts power from a USB Type-C connection to the voltage required by various devices, ranging from 5V to 20V and supporting up to 100W. The desired output voltage and maximum current can be easily configured through registers connected to the controller, providing a highly efficient and straightforward power management solution.


  1. Conduct live testing of the 100W USB Type-C Input Power Converter on real hardware.
  2. Remote Accessibility:
    • Conduct tests and evaluations from anywhere in the world via a secure internet connection.
    • Access the board and testing equipment remotely through an intuitive web-based interface.
  3. Real-Time Data Monitoring:
    • Observe and analyze real-time data from various test points, including input voltage, input current, output voltage, and output current.
    • Receive instant feedback and updates during testing.
  1. High Precision Measurements:
    • Conduct precise measurements using advanced electronic load and measurement devices.
    • Ensure accuracy and reliability of test results for provided modes:
      • ByPass mode: If input power > load power, DC output.
      • Normal mode: If input power > 1.2 times PD configuration, DC output.
      • Full mode: Combination of Normal mode and ByPass mode outputs.


  1. Evaluate the 100W USB Power Delivery (PD) board connected to real power supply and load setup.
  2. Set voltage and current combinations based on requirements and mode settings.
  3. Test boundary conditions for input voltage and current.
  4. Observe real-time measurements collected from electronic load and measurement devices.


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