Powering the EV Revolution Innovations and Advancements in Charging Technologies 

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles hinges not only on powertrain innovation but also on a transformation in how we deliver and store energy. Ultra-fast DC charging, battery swapping, and wireless charging technologies promise to reshape the refueling experience, but each method poses unique technical challenges and opportunities. This blog explores the frontiers of these […]

Talk to Your Datasheets : Design Dialogues with LiveBench’s Knowledge Assistant 

Introduction In the electronic design world, engineers grapple with significant challenges when finding information about ICs (Integrated Circuits), subsystems, and boards while evaluating their designs. The traditional sources of information, often buried in complex datasheets, present hurdles that impede the design process. Design engineers, on average, spend substantial time reading and retrieving information, slowing down […]

CEO Interview: Sridhar Joshi of TenXer

With more than Two and half decades of experience in the Semiconductor Industry. He spent Large part of his career working in various Engineering and leadership roles at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.