Programmer – SiTime Cascade timing controller

The SiTime SiT6503EB Programmer is designed exclusively to configure and flash the following SiT9514x Cascade Platform™ chips on the LiveBench platform. 

  • SiT95141 (Single-chip MEMS Clock Generator) 
  • SiT95145 (MEMS Jitter Cleaners) 
  • SiT95148 (MEMS Network synchronizer)

This test setup will allow customers to program and test the board remotely to ensure chip performance is as per datasheet.

This LiveBench showcases the following: 

  1. Program the board using configuration files generated using SiTime’s Cascade standalone application. 
  2. Flash the IC using the LiveBench interface by uploading the configuration files. 
  3. Evaluate the noise and jitter performance of the programmed MEMS Clock generator, MEMS Jitter Cleaner, and MEMS Network Synchronizer ICs using a Phase Noise Analyzer (PNA). 
  4. Download test summary and analysis results from PNA via CSV, PDF formats. 
  1. Remotely programming the SiTime SiT9514x Cascade family ICs for desired user configuration.  
  2. Evaluate ICs using a Phase Noise Analyzer (PNA). 
  3. Perform tests with different configurations, compare the results and identify the most suitable configuration for the desired application. 


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