Multi-Output USB Power Delivery (PD) Adaptor – CN328


The CN328 board is a 100W PD adapter with multiple outputs, offering a versatile charging solution for various devices on the go. It includes fixed Type-A outputs and variable USB Type-C outputs supporting up to 100W.


  1. Conduct live testing of the CN328 USB PD adaptor on real hardware under varying AC input voltages.
  2. Evaluate the board with multiple combinations of USB PD output.
  3. Supply the PD output power with different voltage and power levels.
  4. Constant monitoring of input(Voltage, current, power, power factor etc.) and output(Voltage, current, power) parameters and showcasing that to the users.


  1. Evaluating the board connected through a real power supply and load system setup. 
  2. Exercise all the feature tests with different input and output parameters in real-time.
  3. Testing the USB power delivery with standard output power and voltage levels.


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