Accelerate Your Next Battery Management System Design

About the Webinar

NextGen Evaluation of Battery Management Systems and On Board Chargers

Join us for a comprehensive overview of DC-DC converters, covering fundamental concepts, lab setup methodologies, and testing procedures. The webinar aims to impart valuable insights into DC-DC converter technology and its applications.

Who Should Attend?

HW Engineers | Systems Architects | Power Electronics Engineer | Electrical Engineers

Why Attend? 

Expert Guidance
Learn from industry experts with hands-on experience in DC-DC converters. 

Practical Insights
Gain practical knowledge through live demonstrations and Q&A sessions. 

Networking Opportunities
Connect with professionals and enthusiasts in the electric mobility space. 

Stay Updated
Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of DC-DC converters.

Day 1: 26th March

Introduction to Battery Management:

  • Energy density of different battery management systems
  • Battery specifications and their significance
  • Functions of BMS in electric vehicles
  • Safe operating areas for batteries
  • Types of BMS and their configurations
  • Battery design and management principles

Deep Dive into Lab Setup:

  • Review of the Battery Management System lab setup
  • Battery management system specifications

Testing of a BMS Controller:

  • Evaluation of battery charging processes
  • Evaluation of battery discharging processes

Day 2: 28th March

Introduction to DC-DC Converters:

  • Types of on-board chargers
  • Intro To Bi-Directional Buck-Boost converter
  • Key Features of ON-Board Charger

Deep Dive into Lab Setup:

  • Dual Synchronous Buck-Boost Controllers
  • Review of the ISL81801-EVAL-1Z Bi-Directional Buck-Boost converter reference design
  • Lab setup walk through

Hands-On Testing of Dual Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller and Interpreting performance characteristics


Accelerate Your Next Battery Management System Design

Explore Accelerate Your Next Battery Management System Design