TenXerLabs at EdgeTech+ 2023

November 15 – 17, 2023 | Yokohama | Booth C-P17

Event Overview

TenXerLabs is the pioneer in rapid evaluation and codevelopment of ICs and electronic subsystems with the Lab-on-Cloud platform –  “LiveBench”.

The “LiveBench: Platform provides instantaneous access to the desired evaluation setup saving weeks, if not months, of exploration, evaluation and Co-Development for a System Designer. 

Tenxer’s LiveBench empowers semiconductor enterprises to increase reach, velocity by 10X at half the cost,resulting in significant sales and profitability. 

Key Takeaways

Visit our booth to hear from leaders and industry experts on:

  • How does TenXerLabs expedite the process of IC/subsystem evaluation at a scale across geographies? 
  • What is the crucial role of the TenXerLabs platform in helping system designers with the IC/subsystem evaluation process, eliminating the need to wait for weeks of waiting for the evaluation boards and weeks of setup ?
  • How TenXerLabs enabled thousands of users to validateIC/subsystem solutions online and  help them make a decision quickly?
  • The use of deep data analytics to consistently improve the customer engagement strategy.

Discover why TenXerLabs is the market leader in enabling innovative, cloud-based evaluation of IC/Electronic subsystems & platforms. Visit us at EdgeTech+ Japan this year and learn more.

Sridhar Joshi
Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Us at Booth C-P17 and See Us in Action

This year, TenXerLabs is preparing for a notable presence at EdgeTech+ 2023 in Yokohama. The company’s A-team, proficient in all facets of IC evaluation, is available for any questions on Tenxer’s solutions and roadmap.

Recognizing the pivotal role timing plays in business success, TenXerLabs’ global experts stand prepared to streamline your time-to-market and provide support to ensure a seamless start.

Book a 1:1 Meeting

Visit TenXerLabs at Booth C-P17 to consult with experts and explore how the company can supercharge your business. The team of product experts is prepared to address your unique needs and offer live demonstrations of their solutions. If you’re eager to connect in advance, feel free to book a meeting at your convenience.

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